Tabby Kerwin, author

What the client wanted

Tabby Kerwin knew she needed someone she could trust to proofread her first book, The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance. She not only wanted a proofreader to fix any typographical and grammatical errors but someone who would be passionate about the project, by questioning her meaning and addressing the book from the perspective of her readers.

Tabby wanted more than a traditional proofread but had no plans to hire an editor. She wanted control of the edit but was open to suggestions for improving the text, if needed. We agreed a proof-edit was the best fit – a proofread and a light edit done at the same time.

What I did

The deeply personal narrative, crossing from past to present, presented the reader with anecdotes and questions, but the conversational tone needed tightening. With the author’s permission, I broke down any long sentences and offered alternatives for repeated words and phrases. I cross-referenced names of buildings and places and ensured capitals were used accurately for illnesses and diseases.

How I helped

“Yasmin was absolutely superb in the way she delivered her professional opinion and helped me mould my writing process and thoughts. The quality and timescale she worked to were superb. Yasmin will be my go-to person for every written publication project I come up with!”

Tabby chose Meticulous Proofreading to proof-edit her second self-help book, The Three Taboos: Cancer, Grief and Mental Health, in May 2020, and a third is planned!

“Yasmin was wonderful in her outlook, empathy and support. Without her, I would not have two #1 best-selling books.”