Sylwia Biczyk, Translatica

What did the client want?

Sylwia translates business, psychology and legal documents from English into Polish. She wanted her Doing Business in Poland ebook reviewed by a native English-speaking proofreader as she knows how risky it is checking your own work, no matter how fluent you are.

How did I help?

Sylwia was keen for me to look at the overall clarity of her document. I did some light editing to tighten up the text, which she found made it “much more user-friendly”. I removed any repetition and suggested amending the sentence structure in places for conciseness, which she appreciated.

Sylwia graduated from an American college but writes her communications materials in British English. The American usage of different than rather than different to/from had slipped in. Easily done! I helped ensure the language and spelling was consistent throughout.

The outcome

Sylwia found me “patient, meticulous and courteous and great to work with”. I proof-edited her ebook in February 2020 and since then have supported her with her monthly blogs. Sylwia is now confident that her English materials are being published accurately and with a native turn of phrase. We have developed a friendly working relationship and agree we are a really good fit!