Proof-editing services for peace of mind 

Okay, so you may not have the time or the budget for both a copyeditor and a proofreader but you still need someone to tighten your text.

What is proof-editing?

Proof-editing improves how your writing reads, through a combination of light editing and proofreading done at the same time rather than at two separate stages. It’s richer than a traditional proofread but not as extensive as a full copyedit.

It’s hard to see how and where you can improve your writing when the words are yours. Proof-editing enhances what you’ve written and gives you a fresh perspective to your prose.

It’s my favourite service as I get to work more closely with my clients to achieve their writing goals. The key thing about proof-editing is that you, the writer or author, are open to suggestions.

  • You don't get a full edit of your content but you do get support with your language and writing style.
  • You benefit from a quality proofreading service and the detailed elements of light editing.
  • Keep in mind you won’t get any substantial re-writing or developmental editing with this service.

No matter how good you are, your mind will play tricks on you and tell you your text is fine. Mistakes slip through. You’re human!

What kinds of mistakes are we talking about normally?

What I can help you with

  • A lack of clarity, with sentences that are too long or awkward
  • Repetition of words, phrases, entire sentences, ideas
  • Broadening the range of vocabulary, because it’s not unusual to come up with similar sounding words when we’re tired
  • Flagging obvious factual inaccuracies
  • Proofreading is correcting what’s wrong, whereas proof-editing is improving the text so it reads better, more smoothly.
  • You will always have full and final say, and your style and tone will never be lost. My approach is honest and kind, so I will suggest ways of making the text read better.
  • I will always maintain your style so your writing remains true to your intention. In fact, it will be better because the meaning behind the words will be much clearer than before.
If you are open to suggestions, rest assured I will always maintain your style.


  1. Blog post £65
  2. Case study £50
  3. Sales page £65
  4. Average web page £20

White papers, reports and articles: priced per project once I’ve seen the piece in full and have an idea of word count.

The level of support your copy needs will determine the price.

Don’t yet know the total word count or number of pages? No problem! I can give you an estimate based on what you can tell me.


What I can do is give you a guide price based on:

  • word count
  • format: Word, PDF, website
  • number of rounds of proofreading (to check the designer has implemented my amendments)
  • turnaround time
  • I offer a fixed project fee – that makes life simpler and clearer for both of us.

Yasmin is a superhuman. She gives my words that once over to make sure no pesky errors are creeping in and tops that off with some great tips and sound proofing advice. Thanks to Yasmin, I have total peace of mind that everything’s word-perfect, get some time back in my day and have a good laugh ’cos she’s heaps of fun. As a writer, my standards are high. But Yasmin ALWAYS delivers.

Laura Barritt, Laura Barritt Copywriting

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