Privacy Policy

I, Yasmin Yarwood, am registered as a sole trader under the name of Meticulous Proofreading. I offer proofreading and proof-editing services to marketing and communications professionals and service-based business owners within and outside the UK.

This privacy policy lets you know how I use your data, in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

This privacy policy was last updated on 02 January 2022.

Information I collect from you and why

When you fill out my contact form you’ll be asked to give:

  • your name
  • your email address so I can respond to your enquiry
  • details about your project, including a sample text (if available at this stage)

By submitting this information, you are giving your consent for me to contact you. You can, of course, withdraw your consent at any time.

Your data will never be used for marketing purposes without your permission.

If we go ahead and work together, I shall also ask for the electronic file(s) for the project and, on completion of the work, your postal address for invoice purposes (though the invoice itself will be electronic).

How do I store your data and how long for?

Your files will be stored on my hard drive and your email address in my email account address book. Whilst I would normally keep the files for reference, if you would prefer them to be deleted upon completion, please do ask.

To comply with HMRC, I will keep your personal data (name and postal address) for a minimum of five years.

Your details will always remain confidential.

Who do I share your data with?

I do not share your data with anyone other than HMRC, who may request it for auditing.

All proofreading and proof-editing projects are carried out by me alone. No one else will have access to your work.

Testimonials on my website and on my social media pages (Facebook and LinkedIn) will only list the details you agree to (e.g. name and company/organisation).

I use Google Analytics to track traffic volume to my website and see what search terms are being used. I do not place cookies on your computer, nor do I use any paid-for Google advertising features to gain personal data.