Nike Lawal, Mindsight Coaching

What did the client want?

Nike was producing a training handbook for a coaching programme. She knew how risky it is checking your own work but had never worked with a professional proofreader before. She told me that, for her, sending your work off to a proofreader can be a bit like tidying your house before the cleaner comes…

How did I help?

Nike was expecting the usual things from the proofread – spelling, punctuation and grammar issues – so it was a nice surprise for her to know I’d considered style consistency and formatting, too. She said my “eyes of a hawk” spotted a whole host of things that had slipped through, which she would never have picked up herself.

Nike valued the personable side to my service. “Yasmin takes the time to get to know you, what you do, to understand the project you are working on, your style, your audience, the timescales, and then communicates with you promptly.”

The outcome

The communication was clear and prompt and the project was completed on time despite working to a very tight schedule. Nike was able to deliver her workshop with a handbook that reflected her professionalism and level of care. I helped give her peace of mind. Moving forward, Nike would like me to support her with her written content so it is “never diminished by text errors”.