Vicki Weinberg

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

“Yasmin did a great job proofreading my book. She was extremely thorough and consistent throughout. I really appreciated all the great questions she asked for clarity on both the topic and my style and I really felt that she took great care in her work. I’m so glad to have worked with Yasmin and feel really confident that the finished book is in excellent shape due to her diligence and attention to detail.”

Sarah Morton and Ailsa Cook (Matter of Focus)

How Do You Know If You Are Making A Difference?

“I thoroughly recommend Yasmin for proofreading and proof-editing, and for anyone looking to learn how to leverage the power of LinkedIn! This is where I came across her personable and helpful posts, and why she was the first person who came to mind when my colleagues started writing their book. Proofreading is such an expert skill and really worth investing in. Yasmin picked up so many errors and inconsistencies for us – it was amazing! And as part of her proof-editing service she also made really helpful suggestions to help the text flow. I think I accepted them all! If you aren’t already, go follow her on LinkedIn now!”

Helen Hill

Falling off the Ladder

“I had been following Yasmin for some time on LinkedIn, so when I needed a proofreader for my non-fiction book she was in the front of my mind. We had a call and I knew straight away she was perfect for the job. I was nervous about anyone looking at the book but she eased those fears. Yasmin is efficient, professional and very thorough. It feels like a real partnership to work with her and it helps that she is just so lovely and supportive. I could see the quality of her work and had the trust in her to accept all her changes. I will be using Yasmin again for book two.”

Julie Derrick

Trixie the Treat Monster

“I thought that I didn’t need a proofreader, until I appointed Yasmin at Meticulous Proofreading to proofread my children’s book. I couldn’t believe how many errors I had missed! I had even created an additional page, without realising, which would have been an expensive mistake further down the line if Yasmin hadn’t spotted it. I have no hesitation in recommending Yasmin. She is extremely good at what she does. She is also a joy to work with as she is friendly, approachable and reliable.”

Shalom Cook

The Elgin Marvels

“Yasmin proofread some of my writings. ‘Meticulous’ was indeed a good choice for her trading name. Not one comma or semi-colon was left unturned and when there was some room for discrepancy, her research covered some 420 years of literature to reach an unprecedented accuracy. My understanding is that the name Yarwood partly comes from an ancient word meaning ‘eagle’. If you want a job well done, Yasmin definitely has the eagle’s eye.”

Sarah Kay

Brand New World

“Partnering with Yasmin is easy and fun! I can’t tell you how much she helped alleviate my stress levels when I was under a time constraint to finalise my manuscript. I completely trust Yasmin’s proofreading skills, and her feedback on my manuscript was crystal clear and extremely easy to implement. Yasmin is responsive, friendly, transparent, organised and timely. I am grateful to have discovered Yasmin, and she will definitely be my first port of call on any future projects.”

Trevor Norton

For a Few Pennies More

“I am the author of For A Few Pennies More and its sequel, For A Few Quid More. I was strongly advised to seek out the services of a good professional proofreader. Yasmin at Meticulous Proofreading was highly recommended to me, and I can wholeheartedly endorse that recommendation. I found her to be friendly, extremely easy to communicate with and very supportive.”

Trevor Norton

For a Few Quid More

“Yasmin superseded all expectations. She brought both my books to life in the most dramatic way. I can’t thank her enough.”

Ilenia Vidili

Journey to Centricity

“It was a wonderful experience working with Yasmin on my first book. She was able to maintain high-quality work while meeting my tight deadlines and my long list of queries. She has a great eye for detail, plenty of patience and an amazing empathetic support beyond the contracted work. I couldn’t be grateful enough to Yasmin.”

Michael Elliott

New Blood

“Sometimes in life you meet people who exceed your expectations. On occasion, you meet someone who aspires to do their best for their client and who takes pride in the work they deliver. Yasmin Yarwood is one of those people. She has helped me tremendously in producing a great work of fiction to sit alongside my other novels. The attention to detail was superb at every level, as was the communication throughout. Five stars from me.”

Michael Elliott

Killing Shadows

“Yasmin, as always, was a pleasure to work with. Nothing was too much trouble. Her suggestions are always constructive and add value. However, Yasmin is appreciative of the fact her suggestions may not always be taken on board. I would recommend Yasmin to anyone who wants their written word to be the best it can be. She really is a credit to herself, and to her work. In my opinion, you’ll never regret working with her, but you may wish you had.”

Tabby Kerwin

The Three Ps

"When I started writing The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance, I knew I needed not only a proofreader to fix any typographical and grammatical errors but someone who would be passionate about the project. I wanted someone to hold me accountable by questioning my meaning and addressing the book from the perspective of my readers. This person was Yasmin. She was absolutely superb."

Tabby Kerwin

The Three Taboos

“Yasmin then worked on my second book, The Three Taboos: Cancer, Grief and Mental Health. She was wonderful in her outlook, empathy and support, and in the way she delivered her professional opinion. She helped me mould my writing process and thoughts. The quality and timescale she worked to was superb.”

Tabby Kerwin

Weddings on the Mind

“When it came to writing my third book, Weddings on the Mind, I knew before I even started writing that Yasmin was the person to proof-edit my manuscript. I trust Yasmin completely and had no hesitation in sending her the draft copy, with the intention of her doing whatever was required. Yasmin always knows the best ways to tighten up the script without losing context, meaning or my own voice from the words. Her professionalism, communication, care and attention to detail make Yasmin the only proof-editor for my self-published books. I cannot recommend Meticulous Proofreading highly enough.”

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