Canterbury College, education provider

What the client wanted

The marketing team produces the College’s study guide for the following academic year. Collating and creating the guide is a huge job, and it’s a challenge maintaining uniformity with the number of contributors involved. The marketing manager asked for my support with fixing any errors that had slipped through and in achieving consistency with the East Kent College Group brand.

What I did

Using the Adobe commenting tools and pop-up notes, I marked up the guide in its final design. With departments supplying text and images at different stages, it is more efficient for the marketing team to establish the layout and send the guide to me as a PDF.

This method brings enormous visual benefit. It allows me to compare pages and ensure the headings follow the same format for capitalisation and font size. I can check that the contents page marries with the page titles and numbering, and it’s easier to spot any images that might be duplicated or missing captions.

How I helped

The marketing manager says that the number one reason for having their materials proofread is peace of mind: “We would undoubtedly make mistakes, which has the potential to damage our reputation, especially as an education provider.”

“If we didn’t use a proofreader, we would struggle to find the time to review our large printed materials and the website.”

A meticulous quality check means that the study guide reaches its prospective students and their families in the best condition possible and that the College upholds its standing.

I have proofread for Canterbury College and other Colleges in the EKC Group since 2012.