If you’ve written something with a strong message, you can’t afford to just hope it’s right.

Meticulous Proofreading is all about making what you’ve written read better than it did before – sharper, brighter and, well, meticulous.

My proofreading business is intent on making your writing read clearly, with a strong consistent style.


Are your documents thoroughly accurate and ready to go?

Are they free of errors and omissions – and if the answer is yes, are you absolutely sure about that?

If you’re not, and your eyes are heavy from checking and re-reading, you may need an experienced and proven proofreader.

That’s where I come in.


Are you looking for extra help with your copy?

Proof-editing is ideal if your copy isn’t going to have a full edit but you want more than a traditional proofread.

If you’re open to suggestions for improving the text, as well as correcting what’s wrong, then I can do both at the same time with a proof-edit.

Too close to the text?

I need a proofreader

Detail matters

With my eye for spotting inconsistencies, I’ll help your writing be accurate and free of distraction.

Here are some of the fields I work in:

  • biometrics
  • clinical data science
  • commercial law
  • educational and social development
  • events management (pharma industry)
  • executive coaching
  • further education (FE)
  • healthcare
  • leadership development and cultural transformation
  • personal branding

I can help with

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • case studies
  • press releases
  • bids
  • white papers
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • fiction
  • self-help books
  • website copy
  • white papers

If you want a polished finish to your words, then get in touch with me, Yasmin, at Meticulous Proofreading. Together, we'll get your writing in the best shape it can be.

I’ve worked with Yasmin for 11 years, and I am constantly impressed by her remarkable attention to detail, her precision and her professionalism. She has worked with me for high-profile clients such as the European Commission, UNESCO and Renault. I trust her implicitly and the work she delivers is never short of excellent. When I was a producer at EXP-Editions, Yasmin was my go-to point, not just for proofreading multimedia academic content but for compiling style guidelines for other proofreaders, and for her care and patience in training them. Yasmin is empathic, flexible and reliable. She is a pleasure to work with, and her relentless positivity is inspirational.

Sairica Rose, Hathor Communications

I’m so grateful to have Yasmin as my proofreader. From the day I reached out, she has been a delight to work with. As a writer, I often get too close to my work, and that’s where Yasmin comes in. She reads through everything I write and offers suggestions on how to better structure sentences, and if certain words are repeated or something doesn’t quite flow, she’ll flag it. She always spots things I don’t see and delivers on time. This then enables me to produce high-quality work for my clients. Thank you, Yasmin, for being so reliable and someone I can turn to. I highly recommend Yasmin to anyone who is looking for a quality and reliable proofreader.

Alison Yuen, Alison Copywriting

Yasmin is a joy to work with and an expert proofreader. She spotted errors I commonly miss and made suggestions to improve the overall copy. Yasmin’s work gives an added level of confidence to the final copy that I submit to the end client. Thoroughly recommend her to any copywriter or content writer who wants to create the best possible copy.

Fiona Brennan, Indie Essentials